Maine Lobster: An Amazing Seafood for an Amazing You!

Maine Lobsters have awesome healing powers.

When a person loses a hand, he loses it forever. But with Maine Lobsters, they can grow back their lost body parts such as a severed leg or claw!

Yep! Maine Lobsters are that awesome! And those who gobble them up, somehow also absorb, in one way or other, some of their superior abilities.

For human beings who enjoy Maine Lobsters, they absorb the lobsters’ Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, Copper and Selenium and enhance their bodies’ healing system among others.

Now with Zinc in a person’s system, brain activity is increased, immune system is boosted and the risk of advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or the loss of proper vision. And just like a Maine Lobster, a person’s wounds and other body tissue injuries are more easily healed! Though no Maine Lobster regeneration powers are transferred, Zinc from these lobsters somehow helps in fine-tuning the reproduction system of a person.

Meanwhile, the Phosphorus that a person gets from eating Maine Lobster contributes to his proper bones and teeth formation; enhance metabolic actions in the body from proper kidney functioning to cell growth and even to contraction of the heart muscle. It is also helps in lessening arthritis pain.

And again, though no Maine Lobster regeneration powers are transferred, still the person’s DNA or the genetic material in all cells together with the nerve cells and red blood cells are kept healthy with the intake of this lobster’s Vitamin B12 or “cobalamin.” In fact, National Health Institution studies had implicated deficiency of B12 in Alzheimer’s disease and some other neurological changes such as numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.

Copper from Maine Lobsters helps make sure that the following health disorders are avoided: Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic conditions involving bone, connective tissue, heart and blood vessels and Colon cancer.

Maine Lobsters’ Selenium promotes the normal function of the immune system and thyroid gland as well as protects cells against the effect of free radicals during normal oxygen metabolism. Also, it is one of a group of antioxidants that may help limit the oxidation of low-density-lipoproteins (LDL) or “bad cholesterol” and thereby help to prevent coronary artery disease.

Maine Lobsters are not only deliciously good and great sources of the above nutrients, but also, are better for your body than skinless chicken or skinless turkey.

With the same serving of 3 1/2 ounces of meat, the National Institute of Health reported that Maine Lobster has only 72mg in cholesterol, 98 calories and 0.1g in saturated fats as compared to a skinless chicken which has 85mg in cholesterol, 173 in calories and 1.3g in saturated fats or to a skinless turkey which has 86mg in cholesterol, 140 calories and 0.4 saturated fats.

Indeed, Maine Lobsters are not just amazing gifts from our marine resource but they can do amazing things for you!

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