I Love Fresh Maine Lobster

I was born and raised in Maine and spent most every summer of my life on Moody Beach in Southern Maine.

I was lucky enough that my parents loved Lobster and we would get Fresh Maine Lobster Meat quite often..

In fact, when we have family gatherings we still go get a few pounds of Lobster Meat at the local market and put some Hot Dog Buns on the stove, and dine on Lobster Rolls.

Trust me there’s nothing better then being able to eat a couple of home made lobster rolls, some salty potato chips and a nice glass of Ice Tea while looking out at the Atlantic on a summer day.

I’m living in Colorado right now, but will be flying home for the opening week of one of my favorite restaurants in the world. Barnacle Billys in Ogunquit, Maine.

I’ll be having Fresh Clam Chowder made daily and then I’ll follow that up with some Steamers… and about 15 minutes later, out will come my 2 Pound Maine Lobster. Desert will most likely be Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with Hot fudge on top.

And post desert… will be walking around Perkin’s Cove until I can fit behind my steering wheel comfortably again.

The next day, I’ll be going back for the Lobster Rolls on the deck and a rum punch..

And don’t even get me started on another one of my favorite seafood restaurants Lord’s Harborside in Wells..

I’ve been going there for almost 35 years. I’d kill for one of their rolls right now and Fried haddock dinner.

God I love Lobster..

You can get lobster shipped just about anywhere these days, and there’s actually a local restaurant here with a Maine Lobster tank which will suffice until I move back to Maine..

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