Lobster History


Protecting the Maine Lobster Economy

Falling prey to its natural predators, to its common lobster-kind and to men all over the world, Maine Lobsters need a lot of protecting if their existence is to last for the next generations to come. The State of Maine, University of Maine, Maine residents and Maine Lobstermen down to Maine Lobster markets/restaurants to other […]

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The Popularity of Maine Lobsters

Having landed in the menus of several famous restaurants worldwide, Maine Lobsters still continue to clamp in more ‘seafood taste aficionados’ to its side. But Maine Lobsters were not always popular. In fact, its popularity saw a ‘boom-bust-boom’ rating since before the 1800s when it was still used by Native Americans as fertilizers and bait […]

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Maine Lobster: An Amazing Seafood for an Amazing You!

Maine Lobsters have awesome healing powers. When a person loses a hand, he loses it forever. But with Maine Lobsters, they can grow back their lost body parts such as a severed leg or claw! Yep! Maine Lobsters are that awesome! And those who gobble them up, somehow also absorb, in one way or other, […]

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The Mating Rituals of a Maine Lobster

Despite how many consider Maine Lobsters as something out from an alien sci-fi movie, these amazing creatures actually have some feelings even long and interesting courtship between its opposite sexes.Dr. Jelle Atema from the Boston Marine Biology Laboratory who conducted a study of lobsters claimed that lobsters, including Maine Lobsters, can make sweet lovers. This […]

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The Life Story of a Maine Lobster

It probably doesn’t help to think about a Maine Lobster’s life story before you begin eating it, but it actually has quite a story before it ended up on your plate. From the start, the chances of survival for a Baby Maine Lobster is slim. It is reported that only 1% of the total eggs […]

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