Protecting the Maine Lobster Economy

Falling prey to its natural predators, to its common lobster-kind and to men all over the world, Maine Lobsters need a lot of protecting if their existence is to last for the next generations to come. The State of Maine, University of Maine, Maine residents and Maine Lobstermen down to Maine Lobster markets/restaurants to other […]

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Maine Lobster Annual Festivals Shell-it out for the Community

For more than half a century now, Maine has been hosting festivals annually in honor of their delicious seafood delicacy – Maine Lobsters. The festival activities have evolved into a must-visit tourist event and had generated considerable funds not just for the Maine Lobster Industry, but also, for local charities. The first Maine Lobster Annual […]

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The Popularity of Maine Lobsters

Having landed in the menus of several famous restaurants worldwide, Maine Lobsters still continue to clamp in more ‘seafood taste aficionados’ to its side. But Maine Lobsters were not always popular. In fact, its popularity saw a ‘boom-bust-boom’ rating since before the 1800s when it was still used by Native Americans as fertilizers and bait […]

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Maine Lobster: An Amazing Seafood for an Amazing You!

Maine Lobsters have awesome healing powers. When a person loses a hand, he loses it forever. But with Maine Lobsters, they can grow back their lost body parts such as a severed leg or claw! Yep! Maine Lobsters are that awesome! And those who gobble them up, somehow also absorb, in one way or other, […]

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Maine Lobster: Colors, Textures and Stuff

When that last ‘scream or hiss’ leaves a Maine Lobster, a number of changes to its body – colors, textures and stuff – starts to set-in. Careful attention must be given to make sure that freshness during this Maine Lobster’s Afterlife is given to assure that you still enjoy its succulent white meat to the […]

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